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Lauren O’Connell Shares ‘Under Control’. Can’t Wait To Do It Again.

We’d return to review LAUREN O’CONNELL’s single ‘Under Control’ for it’s a beautiful pop-folk, perfect for your days of work and nights of worry.

In a previous review of her single ‘In On The Joke’, we’d mentioned that she: “brings an airiness to her song writing and musical arrangements. Her vocals cast off and anchor that sentiment then the lyrics of her adventures and stories, put a second layer of empathy that is heartwarming and at the same time, serious and confident. The contrast in the idiosyncrasies in her delivery makes it a interesting joy to listen to.”

In ‘Under Control’ it’s the same faithful and dependable elegance we depend on when listening to Lauren. The serendipitous feelings emulating from each vocal idiosyncrasies, makes us fall in love again, and again.

Can’t wait to do it again.



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