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LAUREN ROCKET Shares ‘Diamond Nights’. Re-shaping Characters. Let Go For A Moment.

LAUREN ROCKET (Lauren Willow White) makes songs like ‘Diamond Nights’. The Los Angeles raised singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist makes things easy for letting go.

Let go of your inhibitions.

Let go of your realities for a second.

Don’t let the love of your life leave you.

But only do that in your mind.

She’s like all over the place and has been playing with bands like The Child, Junkie XL, and Night Terrors of 1927.

‘Diamond Nights’ is her first single as LAUREN ROCKET, which, as you can tell has more than a tinge of 80’s synth-pop. However, with the youthful rebellious streak hidden deep within the linings of the song, LR makes things happen.

About her song: “It was influenced by Blondie, and memories of driving across the country. Also what it feels like to be in love in your youth, when everything feels so intense and so permanent.”

‘Diamond Nights’ is the first of many singles that will be released in the end of 2018, right into 2019.



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