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Laurent Bourque // Phogg // Orson & The Rosebuds // Concrete Surfers // Emmett Drueding

Laurent Bourque – Blue hour

The world of art and love and culture feeds off of the private tears of our private lives, crying and shaking and then crying more. In the darkness of our rooms, enveloped in the evidentiary loneliness, we weep with the hint that an episode of our lives have officially ended. After touring his 2014 debut album, Pieces of Your Past, which won him Canada’s Stingray Rising Star Award, Laurent Bourque decided to put the brakes on and rethink his approach to songwriting. During this creative ennui, Laurent was introduced to the idea of co-writing upon his relocation to Toronto in 2017. Collaboration would be the creative key to the material in his upcoming album, ‘Blue Hour’. The title track was written with Jamie Kronick. “People tell you all the time when giving you advice about love and relationships that communication is key. We’ve all heard it before. It’s very true but is also one of the hardest things to navigate. Even if you want to be open and honest in love, so many factors come into play.” Indeed.

Phogg – EATR

‘EATR’ is a song from the perspective of an angry robot named Mofeto. Mofeto has a great contempt for humans in general because of all the reckless destruction and pain they have cast upon the earth and the animals and EATR is his fight song. The song is named after an actual project the US army had which was comprised of a robot that could power itself with organic matter i.e. flesh. The song is kind of our psychedelic and trashy version of ‘Highway Star’. Gorgeous? We think so. You cannot deny this song. Has all, but the kitchen sink. Fabulous.

Orson & The Rosebuds – Words We Don’t Need

Familiar and nostalgic vocals of Tessa Berliner push the charm offensive of to heights, with her bandmates, Christian DeKnatel, Tim Orth, and Nick Smith shaping, breathing, and giving life to the formation of art and enthusiasm. From their debut album, to their lo-fi album sequel, the quartet now ventures into “systems of orientation, reality, and reaction” as they finish recording their upcoming LP, ‘When Up is Down’. ‘Words We Don’t Need’ has that Natalie Merchant vibe that is carried off on a brand new adventure, through layers of suppositions and variety of fun and exciting changes as the single plays.

Concrete Surfers – Shattered Thoughts

“Shattered Thoughts essentially a cry for help without wanting the attention which was a pretty important issue to me when writing the song,” explains vocalist and guitarist Jovi. “It’s not a deeply personal one for me this time around but I was inspired by recent awareness and campaigns about just getting things off your chest when a person is struggling to cope with things. It’s a tricky area but I’m glad positive movement has been made about mental health in recent years, it’s really empowering people to get help and continue on with their lives.” Brisbane’s Concrete Surfers deliver huge walls of fuzz and bass with forward thinking lyrics and an anti- establishment flair. Brothers Jovi & Jamie Brook (vocals, guitar and drums respectively) paired up with mates Sean Foster (lead guitar) and Trent Courtenay (bass) in high school for what has become a fast-moving trajectory for the group of four kids from the South East Queensland suburbs.

Emmett Drueding – When Jazz Dies

Philadelphia based musician Emmett Drueding released his 3rd single of 2019, ‘When Jazz Dies’. Off of the upcoming album ‘Tightrope Walker’ (early Autumn). Facetious of the future, the protagonist of ‘When Jazz Dies’ relegates his feelings to the undeniably unbending fate of what’s to come. The fun vibes depict the despair of the current situation. Life is limited. Should we molt in the spot that we’d been dealt? Is it unfair that time seems to sap you of your living essence? Don’t blame others. Let’s get up and do something about it. Not a sad song, but a song about the sadness that needs to be overcome. Listen to Emmett Drueding.


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