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Laurent Bourque Shares ‘Thinking of you’. “Indeed we lose ourselves, for a moment.”


Being a ball of jelly, metaphorically, because of our private vulnerabilities is what LAURENT BOURQUE’s beautifully laid out single ‘Thinking Of You’ is about. From the humble strums of the guitar strings, to the understanding vocal tones of Laurent, the decadent and valiant heroism, comes through from audio to hit a nerve with the listener.

There are times when we’re weak. If someone says that they’d never been weak emotionally, it is most likely that they are lying (unless he/she is a psychopath).

The world of art and love and culture feeds off of the private tears of our private lives, crying and shaking and then crying more. In the darkness of our rooms, enveloped in the evidentiuary loneliness, we weep with the hint that an episode of our lives have officially ended.

“‘Thinking of you’ is one of the oldest songs I wrote on my own for this record,” said Laurent. “It’s a song about daydreaming about a past relationship. It’s about those little vignettes and moments in time we reminisce about when we’re busy doing something else. It’s about the instinct to maybe reach out to that person we’re thinking about and want to ask them how they are or what they are up to; yet we always hold back due to being scared of seeming vulnerable.

We freeze in a self seduced vaccum of self delusions and maybe, an evangelical bullying of our inner egos.

Petrified, but using 90 percent of our energies to hide the hurt, we try our best to survive.

At the end of the day we do.

But at what cost?

Laurent added: “We all have these thoughts and instincts yet we can rarely act on them.”

Indeed we lose ourselves, for a moment.

If we’re not careful, we might never get out of that well.

Listen to Lauren.



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