Lavalove ‘The Dirtiest of Dogs’ : No bait and switch.

Lavalove wants to talk about real love. Real love.


‘The Dirtiest of Dogs’ is a heartbreaking story about how we treat our loved ones like dogs. Whether it’s throwing them on the streets or locking them up in a shelter, they’ll always try to find a way back to you.

Love is what Lavalove is talkin’ about in this song. True love. A love that has no bounds, no limits, ever perpetual and never like human. A respect from Lavalove’s lyrics, drip with sincerity and beckoning for such a love to exist in the land of human relations.

But Lavalove knows that isn’t in the cards. There’s just too many walls that get in the way. Too many emotions that take honesty into the realms of jealousy and destitution.

Lavalove wants to talk about real love. Real love.

Best friends, with no pretense.

No bait and switch.

Just honesty at is best.

Led by TealaRose, her haunting and at times, taunting, vocals snap you to attention to the subject at hand, as you pay attention to the ethereal charm of the dancing notes.

Lavalove is odd. Just as interesting as TealaRose. But there is something there that just needs to be explored.

Fascinating to see where she wants to take this ship, if you know what we mean.


Look for the next single ‘Death Is The Day’ in January 1st, 2020.


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