Laveda ‘Ghost’ : “It was the song that invented our sound.”

Laveda / Photo: Andrew Segreti

‘Ghost’ marks the official announcement of Laveda’s debut album, ‘What Happens After’, a 10-song era-defining LP which will be released on vinyl, April 24th. Subtle guitar strums fade away, and instantly you’re swept into a wave of cathartic distortion and noise.

Echo-laden guitars house a constant riff before opening up to vocals by Jacob Brooks, and later, Ali Genevich.

Creating ‘Ghost’ opened the door to the heavier rock/shoegaze sound that Laveda worked to harness throughout the rest of the record. “It was the song that invented our sound,” said Ali. “If we had never written it I don’t think the rest of the record would sound the way that it does. It felt obvious and just right to make it the first track on the LP because it laid the foundation for all our other songs.”

The Albany originating band, formed in Summer of 2017 and as their visions in music evolved, the understated angst and grinding concerns in personal curiosities, beam out of each single with care and affection.


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