Laveda ‘Rager’ : Single from Laveda’s upcoming debut album, ‘What Happens After’.


‘Rager’ is the last released single from Laveda’s upcoming debut album, ‘What Happens After’.

“’Rager’ started very indie pop, but once Ali and Jake tracked guitars for ‘Ghost’ the band discovered a more fuzzed out, whammy bar bending tone to really work for their sound. Jake applied that same energy into the rhythm tracks for ‘Rager’ and in doing so, the two were hearing things in the song reminiscent of more noisy bands like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine.

Jake fell asleep towards the end of the session, when Ali hopped in to experiment with lead guitar ideas.

“She ended up plugging a SG into a Fuzz Factory by Zvex and recorded this dope noisy thing but then buried it in the mix. When we listened to the first wave of bounces I was like ‘what is happening in the post chorus section? It sounds like a guitar but I can’t tell what it’s doing.’ When we started finishing this song up we turned it up to hear it, and now it’s like one of the loudest tracks in the mix. A stroke of genius once again from Ali..”

Hailing from NY, Laveda is made up of founding members Ali (vocals, guitar) and Jake (vocals, guitar, synths).


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