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Laveda Shares ‘If Only (You Said No)’. “Cry out into the darkness. Silently. In desperation.”

Curiosity of our human species is something that we recognize, from within, everyday. We doubt and become surprised our human kinds’ actions and inactions. Judgements are the next steps of what are deemed sociably accepted, then a rendered decision of guilt or innocence is put under the umbrella of our voyeuristic hearts.

Sometimes love – or at least, lust – can be seen or examined as such.

Circumstances of this and that – tick and tack – are cursive to our democratic constituencies in black and white tunnel visions. The holistic vision seeps, indelibly, down into our individual cores, accessing our personal hard drives of biological consciousness.

We then fry and make assumption; and we live.

We live, with seemingly open eyes and hearts. We live then to judge with incomplete information. We then cry out conspiracy, to the high heavens, stating the unfairness and severity to our existence.

‘If Only (You Said No)’ is a microcosm of that mistaken schism, for our dearly adored emotions. We know not what the other could foresee of us. We want to ask and understand.

But we do not. And instead, cry out into the darkness.

Silently. In desperation.

Jake Brooks and Ali Genevich make up Laveda. The two talents make songs that dance like the whims of the winds – harnessed by the realities that bound us all to this earth.

See them next @ Pint Sized (Albany, NY) on November 22nd.



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