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Lavender Blue // davidxrussell // LOST CAT // FICTION WRITER // Charlie Gradon

davidxrussell (David X.) – Mr. Matt

Off of his debut album ‘It’s All For Her’, davidxrussell brings tinge of Americana-Country to the sweeps of dream-haze pop that is delightful and quaint. The lyrical work is the highlight of David’s work, which glues everything on the right course towards that unforeseen musical stardom. So, true. His 10 track LP is out now.

Lavender Blue – Give Me Metal or Give Me Death

There’s not really much more, that Kayla Zuskin’s project LAVENDER BLUE can’t describe within its gentile songs. The hazy guitars and the sultry vocals of Kayla, dreams that dream for you. The love lost and found, is always kept lock and key, deep with a soul. Revealed in the sunlight, only for the holder to view, the icons of emotions flutter. And it flutters in ‘Give Me Metal or Give Me Death’. A beautiful experience, indeed. Her upcoming album ‘Dusk’ will drop December 2018.

LOST CAT – Postcode

‘Postcode’ isn’t too fuzzy, Jo. It’s a duly warning to our senses that ‘doom’ will befall our animal existence on this earth. There will be nothing left, but our egos and self-righteous indignations – never propelling, always stubborn. And that’s okay. We’ll accept it. For this single is full of fight and trepidations, long gone, but residues remaining to haunt, here and there. Off of the EP ‘Some Loops’, Jo Case is the artist behind LOST CAT, and she is based out of Bristol. She knows a lot of cats. Word. Dig it.

FICTION WRITER – Never Going To Let You Down

FICTION WRITER’s ‘Never Going To Let You Down’ pecks at the underlying thoughts and slivers of hope we feel from day to day. Relationships, to career, to life and death, the thoughts of revelry, seeps into the cracks of the shield that covers our senses. Fluctuations of emotions delegate the colors neutral in this single, vamped with delicious new-wave bass works, obscuring cover to the senses we disregard. They are alive again. We live in decadence, regret, anger, and resolve.

Charlie Gradon – Smart Humans

CHARLIE GRADON’s new EP ‘Self Doubt’ dropped. Now it’s available to you. And we think it is a panacea to those moments of duldrums you have felt throughout in spots. You’re not alone, we all feel it. Sometimes we are consumed by it. But the light and airy wisps of small nothings by ‘Smart Humans’ makes life ‘bearable’ again. Come, let’s listen. The Sydney artist, calms our nerves, and he’ll enlighten your day, as well.


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