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Laverne Shares ‘Soba Noodles’. “Wring Yourself Out Of That Drum Of Oils.”

Change in tone during the ramp-up of this song is gold. Gold, we tell ya!

‘Soba Noodles’ is a “song about two lovers brought together by food, TV and drink…” And from our CHF ears, it is just the kind of ‘tragedy’ that is so poignant and relevant to such story telling. It’s the contrasting difficulties of a love story that is so ‘in the moment’, but at the same time very much cinematic and beautiful to capture.

Whether in lyrics.

Whether in rhythm.

Whether in a drowning pool, of soaked laundry, wet with emotional collapses.

Wring yourself out of that drum of oils.

You can.

The sweeping vocals and harmonies in this single by LAVERNE is majestic in its selection of presentation and heart-ful administrative handling of a relationship’s vital but epic recourse.

It’s beautiful.

LAVERNE is a fabulous band. Please do check their other singles. It’s worth the ride.



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