Laverty Shares ‘may 1st’. “A road to a second chance at becoming whole again.”

Erin Laverty is the progenitor of her visions. The macro lens of heart and soul – a mystifyingly mysteriousness that drapes life – of actions that crumble foundations. Those foundations, brick by brick, loosen into the sides of being, while one day, there is no more building – no more mission – no more remnants of you.

One day it had come to that tragic conclusion in the mind and heart of Erin.

LAVERTY is Erin’s project in which that genesis of her life and being, re-starts, and is protected. A project that enables protection, where a truce in accepting how her existence is, than moving forward with that in mind.

LAVERTY is a way to climb that mountain, knowing all the frailties and faults that might still exist.

It’s a road back to ‘normality’ and a second chance of becoming whole, once more.

“I wrote ‘may 1st’ one year after my suicide attempt,” stated Erin. “This song is a reflection of what happened to me and how I recovered from the pain of that night. This song holds my deepest, darkest thoughts and brings forth my trauma, progression, and acceptance. on may 1st 2017, I attempted to end my life and simultaneously, I was sexually abused by an ex-boyfriend. Writing this song was an extremely vulnerable and scary venture but now, I feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders.”

“I feel light again and I feel free again.”



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