Law of All ‘Stuck’ : Get brazed to bits with the amp’ed up buzz.

Law of All

Law of All are an Oslo-based rock trio consisting of Amir Yaakoubd on vocals and guitar, Henric Lundgren on vocals and bass, and Jens Loqvist on drums and percussion. “Explosive and groovy riff-oriented rock” is how they’d describe themselves. And that is the whole truth.

In the visage of bands like Death From Above 1979, the cast of characters and the method to which Law Of All brings them together, defines with great faith to their talents and ambitions. You can feel it through their note, lyrics, and energy. A rock devastation, enrolled in the truth-telling visions of their musical mission, ‘Stuck’ comes a-rollin’ through the main streets of your soul, and thrusts with downright fabulousness.

Just get in. Get brazed to bits with the amp’ed up buzz.

The trio of Amir Yaakoubd (Guitar & Vocals), Henric Lundgren (Bass & Vocals) and Jens André Loqvist (Drums & Percussion), make this project so much fun.


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