Lawn ‘Nighttime Creatures’ : Iridescence meander so lovingly into the listener’s hearts and mind.


New Orleans indie-rockers Lawn have announced their sophomore LP, Johnny, due out September 4, 2020

Johnny is a massive step forward for the band: intense but effortless, jumping to and from ragged post-punk and gleeful ‘90s indie-rock hooks. It seamlessly transitions from the opening ripper “Playing Dumb” to the heavy art-punk-infused “Jane Ryan” to the XTC-like psychedelia of “Nighttime Creatures,” the latter of which is out today.

“‘Nighttime Creatures’ is about wanting to be at the party but also hating it: my own natural inclination to be extroverted and the overwhelming anxiety of being in a crowd. I wrote the words to this song while watching a group of slightly aged-out frat guys yell at each other from my second-story window.”

Originally from Tennessee and Venezuela respectively, bandmates Mac Folger and Rui DeMagalhaes first met in New Orleans’ house show scene and formed Lawn a few years later.

Now, with gumption and momentum, the duo with the wispy indie-folk iridescence, meander so lovingly into the listener’s hearts and mind.


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