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Lawrence Rothman – Stand By

“I’ll dedicate myself to you. I promise.” Lawrence Rothman’s salute to loyalty – that dirty and messy loyalty – which always has had the nerve to have ‘double edged’ cold blades.

The question is will be reciprocated.

Will it be repeated.

Will it be appreciated.

Will it be attended and tended to.

Or, will it suffer as loyalty can be just skin deep.

Will you survive the betrayal?

Can there be a return to love, after one?

Can they be trusted, again?

Always is, a hard question.

But, if the question or task is hard, it’s worth exploring deeply, no?

It’s dirty. It’s messy. But there’s always Bounty for that.

Because there’s still love.

You miss him.

He misses you.

There’s a reason Rothman is popular, and the distinct aesthetics, from his vocal philosophy to his lyrics, we’re drawn.

Simple as that.

He’s rep’ed by Downtown Records in NYC.



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