Lawson Hull ‘College Town’ : Gift to our listening senses, prime our emotions for an explosive experience.

Lawson Hull / Photo: Jacob

From EP ‘Dreaming Is Easy’, Lawson Hull’s single ‘College Town’ is the heart warming accident you’d wanted today. With a lyrical deliverance, that is on the highest of accolades, Lawson’s gift to our listening senses, prime our emotions for an explosive experience.

“We filmed a special little visual for the song down in a small fishing town called Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury river, just north of Sydney. It has a real low-key vibe, not a lot going on, so it pretty much summed up my life! Angus shot it all on an old super 8 camera to portray a kind of nostalgia about old places that feel like home, and what it would be like to look back on a place if I left it.”

‘College Town’ is the cornerstone of thoughts and shimmers, for the EP, as Lawson would put it.

“It took years for me to act on mine, to get out of bed and decide these songs were good enough for the world to love. The dream was to release an EP, a body of work that brought closure to this chapter of songwriting.”

With a story telling acumen, as honest as one can get, Lawson continues the music traditions that returns many back to what songs are supposed to invoke for the listening ears. A charm of revelry, put into journalistic poetry, Lawson brings that empathy for all of us to share in our perspectives in living.

Let’s smile. Let’s hope. Let’s live.


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