Lazerpunk ‘Covenant’ : Delights the senses and presents a chance to break away from the current challenges.


Fab bass and synth magesty, Lazerpunk’s ‘Covenant’ delights the senses and presents a chance to break away from the current challenges.

Title single “‘Covenant’ was written during the peak of the 2020 Coronavirus epidemic and was strongly inspired by those events,” said Lazerpunk. “I wanted to write a powerful, interesting, danceable, club-compatible, yet uplifting electro song which has it’s roots in synthwave..”

Added Lazerpunk: “I have decided that 100% of the digital sales income from this record will be donated to charity to help fight the pandemic and support the victims of Covid-19 throughout the whole summer.

There is also a music video in the making for this song, but due to the quarantine and the lockdown we could not finish it in time.

The video will only be released mid-July.

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50.000 havi hallgatóval félúton járunk ahhoz, hogy a @lazerpunk legyen a leghallgatottabb magyar előadó a Spotifyon. Az első helyen a 30 éve működő @tankcsapda áll jelenleg havi 105 ezerrel. Mindezt kiadó, menedzsment, marketing teamek és kiskapuk nélkül. Kösz mindenkinek aki pörgeti a zenét Spotin, ti vagytok a legjobbak! 🙏🔥 Long story short, Lazerpunk is halfway there to be the most popular Hungarian artist on Spotify. And all this without a label, management, marketing teams or anything like that. Just you and me. Thank you. 🙏🖤 📷 @n.a.u.te 🏛️ @durer_kert #synthwave #retrowave #cyberpunk #lazerpunk #darksynth #hungary #budapest #mik #magyarig #ikozosseg #techno #darktechno #ig_hun #magyarország #instamagyar #ikozosseghungary #hungary_gram #magyarorszag

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