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Lazertits – M8house

Off of their November released album ‘Not Punk, Per Se’, Lazertits’ M8house is a scream for more i-scream extravaganza. It’s so sexy. Really it is.

Primal, as punk should be.

Stripped and naked rawness.

Ravenous power chords.

Wasted none, energy.

The individual extremities extended to the height of its natural abilities.

It’s built of billions of building blocks, made to order, to do its exacting standards.

By balancing and counter balancing its self produced energies, it cringes, it coils, and readies itself, in the effort to escape the ever present gravitational urges.

It just takes a second.

Then bam.

It lunges.

It lengthens.

It twists – to get the maximum amount of torque, to collide, then demolish.

The punch to his face was a good one, he thought.

As his face ballooned and morphed into an emulation of a Baboon’s butt.

Then hitting the ground, he went out of consciousness.

Lazertits is a fave of ours. They’re hard to get used to for some, but oh boy, when you understand, it’ll be a revelation.

Simply, the ladies have brought it, and brought it with a sledgehammer, again and again.

Kudos ladies. Kudos.

We dig Lazertits. And you should try, as well.



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