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Lazy Bird Mayzie – The Electric Smith

The highly decorative ambience of the synth chords, makes one droop, to the computer, then listen. Hey. Lazy Bird Mayzie’s song is on, dang it. At the same time, the song is diabolically (on purpose or not) a mental floss of mirages -a trip to the perpetual wave of flash backs. A twist.

And one wouldn’t expect it to be, but ‘The Electric Smith’ is good, and catchy to boot. The DIY feel combined with the retro-new-wave-ish feel just comes through.

“Mellow out, Dave. It’s just the first time jitters, that’s all.” she told him.

“I know. But it’s embarrassing, and don’t want to disappoint you.”

“It’s ok, honey. It’s ok. Don’t put yourself through a strain,” as she caressed him so, in the effort to console him.

She came forward from his back, and took his face, forcing his eyes – drooped with self induced failure – to meet her higher. Then she kissed him. Deeply. Doing her best to help her best friend and lover, in need.

He relented and she could feel him forgetting about the problem he’s had – loving her lips, her tongue… her.

But his memories flooded back to him, reminding him of the emotional plight.

As the make out session, slowly subsided, she said, “It’s ok David. We’ll go get the replacement part for the Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer. Let me get ready.”

He sobbed. Then put his jacket on.

Yep. That’s how we feel when listening to this song.

The irony, the passion, the retro, the weirdness of it all.

It’s a delight.




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