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Lazy Day – With My Mind

Lazy Day’s With My Mind is Tilly Scantlebury’s little project that is getting noticed in a big way. When we say ‘little’, we’re not being facetious, but being ultra respectful. For this little package packs a wallop! And when we get hit hard in the cheek, we notice and pay attention.

Gravitas is a word thrown around, but just like Nepoleon, this song’s got the cojones that we deserve. Doom and gloom?? Heck yea! With side of french fries, please. It’s a gnawing of the tendons kind of x-factor that gives Scantlebury’s lyrics that weight. Of course ‘weight’ has no bearing without gravity, and the ecosystem that helps the band settle down and kick butt is the rest of the band’s attitude and musical taste.

The groping feeling you have in your crotch is real. It’s named Lazy Day, and this little itch is a great little way to see what that hand is like: long, skinny, rough, or soft. But we agree, groping is groping, but should it feel this good?

Anywho, Lazy Day’s gotten to a great 2017 start and we feel like we agree with the others that they are fab. Like as in “fabulous”.

Yep, we used that word: Fabulous.

They’re on a September tour tear. If you’re near by London UK, we’d advise a look-see.



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