Lazyeyes Share ‘Glass House’. What should we do? Where can we hide?

Weaving and bobbing, dipping and skipping, we traveled through the line in the sand through that awkward ties of relative innocuousness in feelings. We became hard, in heart, in care, in empathy. But we traveled and steady was the way she went. The ship never deviated from the course. The walls of sand were high, on both sides, of hindsight and future scopes. The buggy capitalistic, software of our frontal cortex, realized the unabated silence, to which it demanded ‘Restitution’.

The bodies aligned on that sandy beach, in diptych fashion, 2 by 2, 3 by 3, and then us…

What should we do?

Where can we hide?

We are naked, with fear, with trepidation, with unadulterated anxiousness…bleeding, and bleeding hard.

The trails of droplets, along that line of sand, coalesced, congealed, like rock, like boulder.

No escape.

Love shoegaze extravaganzas like LAZYEYES can do with this single ‘Glasshouse’. The pure resonance is white as the driven snow, with spekles of the edges, dark and foreboding.

The band has been around a while, and had their s/t EP in 2013. But we’re in 2018, dang it, and we still dig this stuff, ya know?!

Anywho, their debut LP ‘Echoes’ will drop on June 15th.


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