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LE BOOM – Don’t Need It Now

“Dance that feels indie-pop. Electro that is a bit different. Song that is very cool and understated.” Le Boom’s Don’t Need It Now is a smooth passage of rights to that place that we’d never thought possible – just good dance pop electro dance groove sh*t.

Well, maybe bit over-board with that last part of that description, but couldn’t help it – we were smitten.

Yep. Our cheeks were red with ‘smitten-ness’.

Chris and Aimie have a fab/fun song in their hands and we wanted to write something about its gloriousness.

Simply that.

And that gloriousness, in CHF’s scale goes like this:

  • When we get that kind of synth drum sound – which gets our cells ‘underneath’ our skin to start pimpin’ and jumpin’ – it’s a good thing.
  • When there is lyrics that meets pop – repeatable and resourceful – that is a good thing.
  • When the song reminds us of some ‘ironic’ thing that happened in the underbelly of NYC – that’s a good thing.

The basics man. The basics =D

And Le Boom does it proud.

Try and try, as you will.
I will get you, to lay your bill.
Pay up to the task master.
For there will be a day, at the end.

The fab duo from Le Boom just does it in a fab way, extending its essence into a longer version on the November 24th release of their ‘Don’t Need It Now’ EP.

It’s light, thirst quenching, bit thought provoking, and best of all – danceable.

What did you expect?

Kudos, Le Boom. Kudos.

We dig this and looking forward to more from Chris and Aimie.



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