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Le P // KYTES // Seattic // CAEZAR // Kayvahn & Billie-Rae

Le P – Coming Home

We look out into the homes lining the streets, you see all the lights and you realize that we’re in holiday mode. The shining and shimmering bulbs, textualize your end of year feelings. Le P (Piotr Kolacz) wants to help you get to that point. With ol’ school r&b/pop mixed with soaring vocal (Patrick ”J.Que” Smith) peaks, the artist brings his warmest build up ‘Coming Home’. So what are you waiting for – come home for the holidays. If not physically, then in thought and through the love that you are capable of.

KYTES – Take It Easy

Inspired by a trip the US with a gig at SXSW, KYTES producer/artist, filous, tried to put the Californian feel into the song. He stated that “It’s a new vibe”. The combination of the band and filous, made more opportunities to fulfill such an effort into musical landscape construction. “We had such a cool and uplifting time in California, we were riding bikes all day long and fell in love with the totally laid back vibe, especially in San Diego. So when we came back home to Europe, we absolutely wanted to write a song about it, as a kind of ode to San Diego and the way we felt while being there.” Word. Simple as that. Watch the accompanying music video, and chill. Let the Californian breeze sweep through your hair.

Seattic – Attraction

SEATTIC is back with Adrian Osman bringing the synth-pop goodness he does so well. The Melbourne artist of indie-rock heritage, rocks it out in his new project with hip progressions and hooky-hooks that dip in colorful magistrates. The spicy project blends danceable elements with thoughtful lyrical ambience that culminates into a good time. ‘Attraction’ is one demonstration of such convenience. Adrian will debut his album ‘Retrospeculation’ on February 22nd, 2019.

CAEZAR – Take Me There

Chris Quigley, and Rich Gills and Zoe make up CAEZAR. The balance of their vocal dancing is balanced and exciting, in this ballad of hope, consciousness, and positivity…It’s easy to become faded by the weight of day-to-day life, so we wanted to write about the inspiration and hope of striving for something better.” The single is an inspirational promise to yourself, even when it’s hard and even if no one’s appreciating your efforts. Believing in yourself – believing in the one you love – it all will make sense at the end of the journey. The strength is in the words of ‘Take Me There’. The vocal harmonizing, keeps you adhered.

Kayvahn & Billie-Rae – Oil & Water

KAYVAHN is a Danish/American producer. BILLIE-RAE is a Canadian songstress. They combined their musical forces for this delectable rendition named ‘Oil & Water’. With trap raptured production to frame the rationality and confusion, a relationship is on the docket of love’s court system. The single is deliciously sung by Billie-Rae, and the sticky dig of the mix of sounds captures the haze and lust of the song. Even if there is conflict, there is still attraction that is quite indescribable. We’ve all gone through that, haven’t we?


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