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Lé Vie // Alembia // ØZWALD // The Hope State // Fujo

Lé Vie – Something True

Your eyes met my glance for the first time tonight. With your glossy straight brown hair, with chic bangs, did their best to capture my attention. By your return glance, you didn’t hate what you were looking at, either. So, what is my next move? Are you beckoning me to come to you? Nay. Are you challenging my manhood to call upon it to play the game with you? In either case, it is a challenge I can accept. And at the end, when we’d connected and one with each other, there will be a 3 percent fee charge for my services. You’ll know what that means later, after the night is over. Here I come. Lé Vie is a fun and delectable kind of project. It combines many elements from many sources to make a non-pretense offering to our delicate ears. Lé Vie is a unique NYC sound that is now in Los Angeles. Go fig.

Alembia – Continuum

“We are very inspired by nature and try to bring that into our music,” ALEMBIA commented. “In the process of creation we try hard to stay focused on what it is that makes us feel things and go from there, with a serious belief that if we do it with sincerity, it will connect with other people.” In this instrumental jazz infused, progressive standard, the single delivers you to that birthplace of safety and solitude, you’d been seeking. ‘Continuum’ is a part of what ALEMBIA is all about. And the project’s indicative acceptance of the world around them manifests clearly in the sparking world sound. Band members include Gustav Ängeskog (Bass/keys), Linus Ängeskog (Guitar/keys), and Filip Kvistmo (Drums/sampler). Let this flow over you.

ØZWALD – Technicolour Sky

Steve Stout (Blondfire/Lost Beach) and Jason Wade (Lifehouse) combined their effort to make this 60’s rainbow colored project named ØZWALD and every time, it’s a beautiful and fulfilling case for a better world. Even if it’s only for the next day’s battles with life, a song like ‘Technicolour Sky’ drives your senses to relax, and feel better about the next minute, hour, day, and months to come. It’ll be alright. The kaleidoscope of musical delights come with no weight, or cost of emotional dependence. The light and airy premise, fits right where you are. ‘Technicolour’ is simply fab.

The Hope State – Butterflies

Taylor Johnson is THE HOPE STATE. And in ‘Butterflies’, his promise of what’s to come is clearly laid out with clarity and emotional decadence. The vocals of Taylor starts off the every one of his premises, with the kind of passionate plea for righteous affection and demand for love’s recognition. Will love triumph in the tale of two cities? Between you and I? Between him and her? Let’s find out, and hold Taylor’s hand to the place where we can be shielded from shame. Let the growth of a relationship grow unfettered. Taylor is there for you. THE HOPE STATE’s debut album ‘Skeletons’ is available now.

Fujo – Seasons

Why do we need to play this with each other? When it is plainly clear that you don’t care for me that way. Why do you hang and cling to me? Why do you torture me, each and every day? Why do you want me to hate you? Don’t you love me? Of course you don’t. But do you? I need to know. FUJO is the Florida based band built with Mauro Hernandez, Wei Chen and Eric Lopez. The jazz, rock blend of music that pours out of the trio, dilutes the impact of life’s harsh realities, rendering our senses to a misty calm of palpitations; just strewn on the steps of her pleat-skirted gaze of disenchantment. ‘Seasons’ is a single off of their 5 track debut EP ‘The Bush’. Listen, and enjoy the eclectic DIY musical divinity.


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