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LEAN Releases Newest Single ‘On The Fence’. A ‘Gentle Wafting Of Summer Warmth, Down By The Sun Blazed Creek’.

LEAN comes to us again with another single ‘On The Fence’, a “gentle wafting of summer warmth, down by the sun blazed creek” where our remembrance of certainly ended capacities of love, leave a trail of scent. We try to follow. Most of the time, we fail. Let’s move on. For our emotional sake. You can do it.

New single available now. The story is repeated, but no less poignant.

“And it’s not the same” she yelled, in her mind. For she was in horrible pain. The pangs of losing her lover, was deafeningly cruel. The colors in her sight and sound, melted away long ago, to the detriment of her emotional health. She longed for him. She knew, deep inside, he longed for her too.

It wasn’t true, however.

He wasn’t longing for her at all.

He did miss her. Missed her terribly. However, he could not succumb to her will – for he knew he had done nothing to provoke this outcome.

The feeling of being just like garbage, thrown to the sidewalk, was indelibly sewn into his heart. She had betrayed him.

The trail of tears was left by her apartment, because he need to leave. He needed to leave her failure to recognize, his love and devotion for her.

She was blind. And was stupid to do this to him.

“I can feel her, asking for me, even through our long distance,” he murmured, while watching the sun rise.

“I can’t sleep, Diana. Why are you torturing me. I wasn’t the one to leave our relationship,” as his voice grew.

“It was you! Damn it! It was you, wasn’t it?!” he yelled in the empty kitchen.

She nodded yes, as she sobbed, profusely.

The band consists of Stephen Johnson and Kyle McCammon.



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