Lean Tee ‘Pet Names’ : New values weighing on his mind, the heaviness lifted, for moment, to take action.

Lean Tee

‘Pet Names’ is the lead off single that gets the journey lifted to a crescendo in shades of feelings. A need to be acknowledged and a call to arms of reality that seems inconspicuously unfair and contrasting in meaning from here to there. Lean Tee brings his single from the latest LP ‘Kin’.

“I was raised in a strict Baltimore-Catholic household until my parents separated in middle school,” said Taylor Kracher. “I spent the rest of my adolescence with my mother, who has endlessly supported my music, my first song being recorded to a tape deck in 3rd grade (it was a pretty bad). I attended UVM as a distance runner to help pay for school, and thats where I began to drift away from running and really hone in on my music composition. I’ve always had a some trouble fitting in, but it was particularly difficult in my college town. As soon as it’s safe, I’m leaving Vermont to pursue a full time music career in Baltimore/Philly.”

Along with Greg Freeman and Ben Capogrossi the band shines. And with lyrics to burden, the stories deep dive into the world of personal wishes, qualms, and secrets that is of the heart. With new values weighing on his mind, the heaviness lifted, for moment, to take action.

Said Taylor: “‘Kin’ explores a contrast of cynicism and love within our closest circles. These are stories I wrote. They are refractions of my anxieties.”


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