Lecx Stacy ‘CROOKED SMILE’ : Voice to the community of people who are choosing to stand up against injustices.

Lecx Stacy

Fresh off the release of his acclaimed debut Faceplants EP, Lecx Stacy was originally intending to save the urgent anti-police/anti-corruption/anti-police-brutality anthem “Crooked Smile” as the first single for his debut album next year.

But the artist, like most of the world, was utterly disturbed by the footage of the heinous lynching of George Floyd at the hands of the MPD and felt compelled to act and release the track early as a call to action for police reform and to provide morale for protesters around the world.

Proceeds being directly donated to the SD Bail Fund, Los Angeles People’s City Council Freedom Fund and to the People’s Programs Oakland – all charities that are helping bail protestors out of jail.

Said Lecx: “This is a song that was written as an internal processing and grieving of police brutality and supremacy. Music is a central form of displaying solidarity. I am not expecting change out of releasing a song, but I am hoping to add my voice to the community of people who are choosing to stand up against injustices.”

Lecx Stacy. Twenty one. Filipino-American singer, song-writer and producer. San Diego, California. The stage was set, where the artist with the oddity that charms and coaxes, delivers with amplitude and attitude in ‘Water Your Face Plant’. Lecx began producing hip-hop beats and over the 7 years of producing, Lecx went through vast amounts of growth and stylistic maturation. We can hear that in his style of presentation, if you listen carefully.

He doesn’t hide the fact of trying to insert relevance and effort into describing the angst, confusion, trivial manifestation, the humorous, and so on. Packaged neatly and in interesting force, the gentle weeping waves of Lecx comes to fruition.

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CROOKED SMILE: This is a song that was written about a year ago and is an internal processing/grieving of police brutality and supremacy. This song was originally for my album, but I decided to share it as a celebration of our communities coming together and fighting the fucked up institutions that try to control us. As our communities continue to fight and resist the oppressive state and racist institutions, many of us are put into compromising situations. Providing the people with proper medical supplies, bail fine money, legal support, and so on are important during this time to sustain our efforts in fighting for justice and the abolition of the police force. The orgs/funds chosen have dedicated their time and resources into these necessary areas and continue doing so with the help of our donations. Proceeds (and direct donations to$CrookedSmileFund) will be put towards these orgs/funds: -DeDe McClure Bail Fund (SD) -People’s City Council Freedom Fund (LA) -People’s Breakfast Oakland Justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Botham Jean, Eric Garner… and all of our friends that we’ve lost to police brutality. Keep fighting the good fight, fuck 12. Ty @terriblerecords for helping me put this together stream link in my bio

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Fascination ends

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