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Lee Ackred // CAii // XN // A.M. Sam // iNCH

Lee Ackred – Peaks & Valleys

LEE ACKRED’s sentiments are worn at the edges of her beautifully expressed vocals. They sit at the tips, and watch the memories of love and loss linger, in golden light of day. And as that sun drops from second to second, Lee helps you coax you into a lullaby of dreams, to contain and manage the emotions deserved. ‘Peaks & Valleys’ is Lee’s 3rd single release of this year. Minimalist at the core, but none-the-less complex, the artist from Florida, delivers with altruistic delight and subtle pageantry. Personal and deep, the introvert vibes of the song, is for the extrovert in you. It’s a slow and quiet scream for recognition of self and for what the protagonist ultimately recurs. Unrequited love? Perfect.

CAii – Temporary High

CAii comes with ‘Temporary High’. The synth driven electro-pop single is an immersive stroke of heart’s brushes, tangling in danger with a love and love’s subsequent challenges. The Manchester grown artist makes the best of her platform, with charming vocal habits, reflecting with emotional candor and spirit. “‘Temporary High’ is a track about feeling vulnerable and scared about the future of a new relationship and being unsure whether that person can love you for who you actually are. It’s a track about being so self-aware that your insecurities can consume you and make you feel like you don’t deserve to be loved unconditionally, flaws and all,” said CAii. The artist has garnered huge downloads and following on social media, and doesn’t seem to be stopping that trend any time soon. The drive to solidify herself with her Manchester, Liverpool and London vicinities with compelling doses of pop, is her aim as the broad side of 2019 comes to pass.

XN – lovelysuicide

Pleading for the thing that makes you whole. Pleading for the pass in life, if that one thing comes to life. Laying down on your knees, to pray for her deliver the heart’s vanity for all to see. And feel. And deduce in quiet extremities and force. XN’s single ‘lovelysuicide’ penetrates with thorns of lingering palpitations, inanimate when individual, but comes alive with brute surrender as it becomes one with the other. Voice of XN, relegates all instruments useless and un-necessary, as the sultry decadence, carpet the throws of desire unto that malign and vestigial feelings…hate…love…individual sanctions of delight…rewards…incantations of doubt. Muddled in sentiments, but never more clearer in message, this solum and dark reminiscence, explores at a standstill of cross walks, while writing at the speed of light. Don’t get blinded. This is the first single after 6 months hiatus for XN.

A.M. Sam – In The Ring

A.M. Sam has something that no one else can possess: himself. Sam van Hoogstraten is the man in this oddly pop endeavor. The deeply rooted guitarist and producer of the Dutch indie scene, effortlessly tunes to another kind of beat where bedrooms become the stadium for love and loss and all things in between. ‘In The Ring’ presents that crux of argument with indelible questions about the stuff that makes a man tick, to girlfriends, and the subsequent broken hearts. With this project, he coasts smoothly through the ‘California’ sun-drenched highway, always looking for more tasty waves of life. This danceable acumen offers up much, and it’s time you pick them up for that brighter day of joy.

iNCH – Sun & Moon ☉+◑

“It’s been about 3.5 years since I last released a music video, so I’m rather nervous,” stated iNCH. “What gets me excited is working with some of my favorite fashion creatives in this video to talk about the helpless and complicit towards environmental issues.” Fashion stylist Josiah Chua and makeup brand Urban Decay, helps iNCH finalize an charming return, on a global stance. The dynamic and voluptuously eccentric performance of iNCH keeps her cemented as one to watch again, as she shimmers her way into the listener’s heart and soul. The distinctively unique approach, puts aside preconceived notions and helps to concentrate in that thing that iNCH does so well. ‘Sun & Moon ☉+◑’ is iNCH’s first major release in a couple of years, but it’s just like time had paused. We move into excitement again, with iNCH by our sides, once more.


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