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Lee Fields & The Expressions – Time

Lee Fields & The Expressions’ Time is a classic dash back into time, and at the same time just so cool to listen and beckon – calling out our inner soul; wanting, needing, just so ingratiatingly appropriate.

It’s so fun.

The song is just dab in the middle of classic soul.

Some of us, don’t get to listen to soul much – due to work, focus, relative concentration, or just under-exposure opportunities.

Whatever the case, songs like Lee’s seeps quickly and automatically into the musical skin – that you and all of us have – but maybe never knew we had.

That’s what soul does.

The vocals, melodies, arrangement – all drench you in fun goodness.

Lee’s very popular and is currently in Europe doing his tour, right into the new year, and then some.

We don’t blame his audience and fans.

Not much to NOT like, really.

He’s rep’ed by Big Crown Records in Brooklyn. A fab label, and we’re fans of them too.

Anywho, kudos Lee.

We dig it, if you haven’t noticed.



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