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Leebone Phillips Shares ‘Too Lucky’. “Same Side Of The Coin. Make It Worth While.”

LEEBONE PHILLIPS’ single ‘Too Lucky’ is a F-U to the serendipitous malevolent aspects of what life sometimes throws at us. “Give it your best shot!” is what you say when you feel ‘confident’ of what’s around the corner. The same can be said when you ‘don’t feel confident’ too. And that’s just wrong. It’s a predicament undeserving, and often not, deserving of your ‘sins’.

You know what they are. You lived it.

The paradise of causes and effects, render the mounds of predictions in our evidence based lives. We actively seek out residence (and vacation) from the stress of the daily activities, with non-evidence based sustenance and glossed over activities. We do it all the time.

It energizes us in different ways.

It propels us in majestic and sometimes, super-human ways.

Then we settle back to that dull and predictable world.

But does it have to be this way all the time? This vicious circle of life… can it be manipulated to our liking?


Who knows.

“Give it your best shot!”

Later in 2018, Leebone will drop his new EP ‘A Big Long Time’. It follows up his previous EP ‘Songs For The Grey Cat’, and the trip towards that rabbit hole, should be a fun ride.

Exist just enough to listen to the new album, will ya? Good.

We hope Leebone’s new direction in song construction, continues.



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