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Leeroy Stagger ‘Mother’ : A new anthem for the #1 lady in our lives.

See Leeroy next @ Nochtwache, Hamburg Germany on December 7th.

Leeroy Stagger

With your mother by your side, there’s nothing in the world that can’t be done. The unbending support. The best friend. The one who is your number one cheerleader, for good and bad times – she is the battery that keeps on pushing you forward.

‘Mother’ is from Leeroy Stagger’s latest album ‘Strange Path’ and is a powerful song, which is a dedication to the mothers of the world.

She knew how you’d grow up, when you were just born. She knows your habit. She knows how to talk to you. And she knows what your favorite food is on a dull and rainy summer afternoon. She takes care of you when down, and she knows how to rile you up when she’s up for the fight.

The dynamics of our relationship with our number one lady in our lives, start from the womb and never really disconnect until that fateful day when she’s no longer on this earth. And just like many things in our hectic lives, we sometimes take for granted the joy that having such love around us, all through these years. And sometimes, for many of us, we are too late to realizing how influential our mothers have been.

But Leeroy’s song wants to remind you. The song is an indelible aspect for grown men and women to look at the sacrifice their mothers have given, in the best and worst of times. Without them, there would no home to go back to.

It’s not too late. For the future starts, NOW. Attitudes can be changed. Actions can be changed.

The new anthem is our new dedication to our mothers. Should be one of yours too.

See Leeroy next @ Nochtwache, Hamburg Germany on December 7th.



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