LEFT SIDE FILTER ‘Hey Mister’ : Rock progresses with ‘Hey Mister’.

Left Side Filter

‘Hey Mister’ is Wollongong band Left Side Filter’s first single of 2020, and it entails the story of lead singer Blake trying to connect to the life of his 94 year old grandfather. A throwback to the 90’s rock era, the whole song came out of jamming the intro riff, distorted guitars and a big sing along chorus that is uplifting whilst melancholic in nature.

Said Blake Lauricella: “I wanted a chorus that was big, melancholic and a bit existential. Something that a crowd could sing no matter their age or place within the world, and still be able to connect to it on a personal level…I was trying to capture my grandfathers life and the question’s I wanted to ask him but no longer could due to his age. Really, the song stands as a way to fill in my own blanks about his life as well as playing into my fascination regarding the unknown constraints of life and the human condition.”

Waving the heavy contortion of lyric driven accounts, ‘Hey Mister’ shines with vocals un-concerned and hearts willing to make it work, no matter what.

“I don’t think rock music has progressed forward on terms of intense emotional impact from then, as so many of the songs from my generation’s childhood where extremely well written, with great chorus’ that get ingrained in our cultural psyche till this day.”

Rock progresses with ‘Hey Mister’.


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