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Leisure Suite – Winter

Leisure Suite’s Winter is a near-acapella – a naked and vulnerable destitution of thoughts and needs, dedicated with sultry sadness by Bridgette Le’s vocals. Her musical partner Mitchell Wood provides the accompanying backdrop, of dry solace and isolation.

The duo has been published since 2014 and from reviewing their songs, we see an evolution going on within and with their outputs. We see Leisure Suite’s ‘calming-down’ of their offerings to be a “stop-over” to bigger visions.

At least that’s what we at CHF imagines.

The simple presentation of Winter hits the mark for us. Especially Bridgette’s vocals, which, during the song, we kept expecting to fall during the chorus. However, like the return of spring, it revives and hangs on that mountain road cliff. And we stuck with her and the song.

The drama within the vocals just made us expect more, and held on for ‘dear life’.

We virtually clapped after listening till the end.

Kudos, Bridgette & Mitchell.



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