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Lemon Love // Stuntdriver // RACKETS // Rookin // Alicia Stockman

Lemon Love – Don’t Say

Three piece band from Copenhagen strips the contention in an otherwise pretentious world with ‘Don’t Say’. The unique blend of information with driving guitar and emotional vocals, soar above the crashing waves of malcontent. The sea of melodious energy reminiscent of the 90’s, relegate into dreamy pop goodness. The new and upcoming band is here to stay.

Stuntdriver – Bad Bath

STUNTDRIVER has a saying: “Stuntdriver is a band. Stuntdriver is a show. Stuntdriver is a theatrical performance art piece. Stuntdriver is an installation. Stuntdriver is an experience.” And we ain’t disagreeing. In fact, the almost operatic and dramatic performances of the band is critical to the existence of the dragon in you. Your heart pumps, but gently without the stimulation of STUNTDRIVER. The raking vocals and punk growls, wake you up to the savory goodness of the band. Kym Priess is your gal, and she’s here to rip your face off. You like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey, NIN? You’ve come to the right place.

RACKETS – The Gold

Debut EP ‘You Are What You Pretend To Be’ of the RACKETS is pure delight and entertainment. The hook laden single pulls you in with monstrous lyrics, with ambitious percussions, and raging synth/guitar work. The guitar-pop project comes from the land of Los Angeles and quickly inserts its rhythmic tendrils, deep and rooted. There’s more to come from the RACKETS, to be sure.

Rookin – If You Didn’t Know By Now

Out of the history of the American Civil War, bloomed a college class project for ROOKIN. The Brooklyn based band, years down the line, formed from the one moment and assignment long in the past. Now, with the debut album ‘Unionism’ published in 2018, the band continues to provide the the kind of Americana / Folk music that is calming, articulate, somber to the public. ‘

Alicia Stockman – Pretend

Want a great time? ALICIA STOCKMAN’s blend of blues-rock will get you on the dance floor of life. Her confident and soulful vocals make everything right in this world. The Salt Lake City based singer/songwriter performs in house concerts to intimate fans, to give back tot he world of music. With rhythms and sensibility we haven’t heard in a long time, the airy and delightful power of her songs comes through in spades. It’s a return to a certain point in music glory. Let’s take a ride.


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