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Lemonadepi Shares ‘I Also Have Things I Hide’.

The first steps into the the sun-soaked fall hills of the grand trails, reminded her of something from the past of the near future. She knew each step was inclined to be a facet of knowledge and folklore, depending on the viewer’s site of perspective. That perspective narrowed with her climbing that leaf crusted trail, and back to the sometimes disorienting hierarchical strata of the Universe.

The pangs of nervousness settled in quickly. She’d been nervous all the way through, with anxiety all week. Something was bothering her, but didn’t know what.

It started on a Sunday, after watching couple of 80’s movies online. With lunch taken care of and deliciously appreciated, she and her partner turned off the flat-screen and started washing the dishes. Ordinary start, but as lovers do, something triggered the passions, and the two were making out on the kitchen, the table, the floor.

But she noticed something odd, amid the passionate kisses, and voyeuristic handling.

Adam seemed different this time.

She notice a bit of this before, but now during the long kisses, that notion was amplified.

Adam didn’t seem like Adam.

“I must be out of my mind,” she thought to herself.

Fast forward, and here she was walking in the foothills of the south-east. She never felt more alone in her life. She felt vulnerable, and taken-advantage-of.

In the raw presentation by LEMONADEPI’s single ‘I Also Have Thins I Hide’, she professes and confesses the natural order of things that she IS indeed a human being and there should be some kind of empathy. Whether from her side or from another, the diabolical side of this world we live in, needs an explanation. Or do we?

Here she tries her hand.


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