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Lemons Shares ‘Nothing 2 Say’.

Stefan Rehr is the man behind LEMONS. The small town Connecticut originating artist, with the hints in Boston, now based out of Los Angeles, take on the role as that daring consummate purveyor of none-lineal musical connoisseur.

Nothing brash, mind you, but his in-depth dig into his private notions and fantasies of relationships and his place in the world, gets to him offering such class in bedroom pop as ‘Nothing 2 Say’. A provision for a constitution for the un-enviable and of the un-restrained, the song clasps into a shimmer of grating underlying self-depreciation, obvious to one, unobtrusively poignant to other.

The guitar work, though seen before, is special because of the lyrics pounded out by anterior vexations, Stefan’s often nonchalant but measuredly self confident efforts in trying to understand, give the appeal of newness in the song.

The evolution of LEMONS continue.


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