LENII ‘Regular 10’ : If the next day seems different, it’s because of Lenii. Pass the word.


Irish-born singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Ellen Murphy is Lenii.

“’Regular 10′ is the best example of the EP’s theme,” shares Lenii. “It’s about pretending you’re doing great when you’re actually hiding all the parts of your life you’re not proud of. In fact, I was feeling particularly gloomy the morning I wrote the song. I felt like a mess, looking at everyone on Instagram who appeared to be doing so well. Then, I realized that they all have issues too and Instagram isn’t real life.”

Influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse, the Cranberries, Leonard Cohen and Eminem, Lenii is ready for an unforgettable 2020.

And with distinctly Irish humor at her holster, the artist with the wit for story telling, combines the 90’s and deliberates the stylin’s in to what she sees as necessary and thought provoking. With the chorus of ‘Regular 10’ banging you in the head with delight and unfair hooky talents, you’re nothing but puddle in the vocal hands of Lenii.

‘Regular 10’ is the first single from her forthcoming EP, ‘In All Fairness…’

If the next day seems different, it’s because of Lenii. Pass the word.

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