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Lenny Bull Shares ‘Don’t Talk About It’. “You sip orange juice in the morning, and you watch TV at home. But you dance.”

We can clearly imagine boys (and gals) falling in love with LENNY BULL. At the bar, at a live show, watching her online, listening to her song ‘Don’t talk About It’. Why? There are times in this Universe when things happen like that, and there doesn’t need to be a reason attached to it. It just is.

And when the Universe is flowing through the songs of LENNY BULL, we think that ‘pull’ is magnetic.

These are strange times. And when irresistible pangs of punky sounding pop music happens to ring your front door…you just open, and say “Hello. May I help you?”

Yes. Let her in.

Let the charisma of this single take you away to an island of exquisite lyrical tangs, with Rolling Stones like euphemisms into love, and emotions that you’d never thought possible. After all, you’re a ‘normal’ dude/gal and you’re just here – listening – and doing things that is asked of you in a normal day.

You sip orange juice in the morning, and you watch TV at home, binging on Netflix.

But you can’t help turning on ‘Don’t Talk About It’ once again, before turning into bed.

Why? Again, don’t ask why. Just listen.

Off of her 2019 EP ‘Sharp Teeth’ LB keeps the ‘wit’ charging past like that supercharged 2 door outside the saloon, while the crowd amasses inside with anticipation.

This project is fabulous.

It’s catchy, but oh so ‘rebel’.

And we like feeling that contrast.

Oh, and boys, don’t drool at the table



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