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Lenny Bull // Nature TV // Bluish // Dorm Patrol // Jo Goes Hunting

Lenny Bull – Somebody’s Girl

LENNY BULL is just so cool. She is coolness that we at CHF can’t get near. If we do, we just might burn up like Icarus to the heavens. The artist with the affable punk attitude brings the best traditions of refreshing indie rock and fun, just like The Pretenders had in years past. But with Lenny, the succulent vibe of the current and the future, are merged with appropriate energies that just makes songs that she serves, as brilliant and accommodating as they can be. We muster up our love and enthusiasm for Lenny and her single ‘Somebody’s Girl’, with equal concentration, as the dance till you drop sensibilities just makes your night out so much glamorous. And that’s what we love about ‘Somebody’s Girl’. Off of her debut EP ‘Sharp Teeth’ drawing much attention, we think it’s our public duty to do the same, as the obvious charm and prevalent whimsy of her lyrics dutifully cling to our chests, inflating our egos and confirming the fun that such music can offer. LENNY BULL is a key to your musical happiness. Let this single open that door, a bit more.

Nature TV – Moonlight

Off of their new EP ‘EP 2’, the boys in NATURE TV delivers beauty in ‘Moonlight’. The sultry 70’s soft-rock visions shine from the reflective haunts of their indie-rock visions. Guy, Turk, Zal and Solo make up the drive of this lovely project. And when the grooves delegate your love for music once more, the popular avante-garde-ish lyrical Robin Hoods, make haste and deliver a robbery of what we’d ever thought of such sub-genre. NATURE TV redefines what it is, and what it was – and we don’t care. We just want to crawl into that warmth, underneath the NTV gaze. Mature vocals, smooth alchemy – the Brighton based band effortlessly wine and dine our sensibilities to a glorious trip up to that sunrise. Love is in the air, and when NATURE TV speaks, it’s just a matter of fact for that often existential and necessary means of communication. We thank NATURE TV for that. What a single, indeed.

Bluish – Standby

BLUISH debuted this year and with their premiere single we said: “‘Two Truths’ is an indie-folk framed, indie-rock ballad to our souls, fighting with ourselves, winning and losing – and then moving forward. It’s a beautiful expression of complexity and a guitar driven harmony.” ‘Standby’ is the calm before the storm, as the trio of Iris Garrison-Driscoll, Aidan Boardman, and Alex Harwood continue to sing for our hearts’ thoughts about love and whimsy for such a plight. There’s nothing like falling in. There’s nothing like falling out. Redemptions in confusion, comes to a personal clarification to a relationship. Never a clear cut decision. Never a clear decision for them, for him. BLUISH is lyrically fabulous as Iris’ work on pinpointing emotions to each note is admiration for them craft. They are sone of the more exciting bands out of New York. You should be on board, too.

Dorm Patrol – Back To Basics

Strömstad in Sweden. The city where it’s ground-zero for DORM PATROL. The band is pop-skater-punk that pulls essence from the fun of the early 2000’s and makes it a new and better thing to experience, with radical power chord progressions and ‘so much fun’ lyrics. As Blink 182, or Sum 21 have done prior, DORM PATROL takes that mantle and glitters it a bit more with their own precision for what should be. Max Dahlby, Johan Olsson Vocals, and Anton Hognert brings the noise with the project, and when the gang makes up their minds about getting all of us dancin’ – there is no stopping the trio. “Skateboarding, video games and drinking” are in the order for the day. And when the lyrics flow from the experiences made through the eyes of such popular culture, DORM PATROL rises from the ashes to remind us of all the fun we’re missing out on.

Jo Goes Hunting – Drowned In The Crowd

Jimmi Jo Hueting is JO GOES HUNTING. With a tinge of reggae elements, freestyle pop, LCD Soundsystem admonishments, and overall quirk of what Jimmi brings, the brilliance is an anticipated burgeoning of ancillary alchemy and musical profundity. JO GOES HUNTING is a fabulous project. It’s something you have to get your teeth into, like a juicy steak. Full of flavor and proteins, there’s nothing that can’t be absorbed in goodness from the single. Jimmi stated: “For Jo Goes Hunting, I make pop songs consisting of more complex rhythms, experimental electronic sounds, field recordings, synthesizers and guitars. The song structures often contain multiple rhythmically moving layers, inspired by modern jazz and world music, combined with classic pop melodies and vocal harmonies.” The classically trained instrumentalist, makes the Universe come alive in a different way with ‘Drowned In The Crowd’.


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