Lenny Zenith Announces First New Solo Album ‘What If The Sun’. Shares Single ‘Sunday Dress’.

Lenny Zenith the formerly led bands: Tenterhooks, Minor Planets, Jenifer Convertible, Pop Combo, announced his intentions to release his first solo album. The new album titled ‘What If The Sun’ consists of 12 songs of just good ol’ fun rock. Have a headache? Listen to Zenith. Have a backache? Alleviate that with Zenith. Have a gripe about not having fun with your usual day to day music? Break up the monotony with Zenith!

New album drops June 22nd.

Zenith is a transgender writer and musician, and been carrying on with his unique and visionary body of work throughout his 30+ years in the industry. And during his junior high-school years in the 1970’s fronting punk band RZA (New Orleans). In the 80’s Zenith opened for U2, The Replacements, Iggy Pop, XTC, Gun Club, X, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc.

A portion of the proceeds from ‘What If The Sun’ will go towards organizations like ‘Trans Women Of Color And Trans Lifeline’.

However, the album isn’t about trans and trans subjects. It’s the culmination of works and thoughts from a musician who’d been around the block and has some things to say, in the style he’d always wanted.

The road has been hard and challenging. Let’s go forward. Let’s enjoy the bumps and the smooth pavement, alike.

Additionally, Zenith has an upcoming memoir ‘Before I Was Me’ due to be released later this year.


What If The Sun Tracklisting:
1. Sunday Dress
2. What If The Sun
3. Cold War
4. Stress Test
5. Wish
6. Suddenly Someone
7. Trouble
8. Decompress Baby
9. Hands
10. Whatever Stella
11. Still I Rise
12. Out Of Days

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