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Leo – Boy

Leo is a pop music band from Lausanne, Switzerland. The song is ‘Boy’. And it’s glorious. The simplicity is obviously felt. However, underneath, the complexity in thought and emotions is telling.

The combination of vocals by Max, and the emotional and haunting guitar work of Stefano just absolutely grips your heart, into a sorrowful & idealized romanticism.

The 5 songs were released on January of 2018.

The calm extremities of the song is mis-leading. It’s a song made up of frustrations, rolled up in a quiet presentation – wanting the listener – us – to understand. There is a cry that wants to happen. The song wants to scream.


Scream out loud.

Say it… say it.

“Why can’t you understand me?”

The arrangement is tragic, poetic, redeeming, contentious, and historic.

We would love to know more about the band. We’d love to hear them more and see what they could produce, even further into the future.

‘AA’ is the first EP from the band, and it contains songs that describe much, with gentle weeping of musical notes.

Kudos. This is a fab project.

Members consist of: Max Hauri (vocals, keyboard), Pedro Galvao (bass), Stefano Rana (guitar), Steven Schlosser (drums)



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