Leo Chavez ‘All I Think About 24:7’ : “Each track provides an insight into each scene’s choice of emerging talents.”

'International Affairs Vol 1'

Off of compilation LP, ‘International Affairs Vol 1’, it is a Bandcamp exclusive project put together to support independent artists during Covid-19. 100% of the profits go back to the artists.

Combining first-class Pit LDN affiliates from around the world, ‘International Affairs Vol. 1’ is a carefully considered and eclectic mix of the finest in Alternative Rap, R&B and Indie. Fresh from the underground, The PIT LDN asked some of their most talented artists to provide a single created during lockdown.

R&B contributions come from demure darling Joyia representing Toronto and South London’s avant garde and emotive BINA. The Pit LDN delve into fresh sonic territory with dreamy quirky Indie/Jazz from Atlanta’s Twelve25 and London’s new kid on the block Leo Chavez. Bridging the gap between two worlds is live instrumentation junkie and poison pen poet, Life.

“We get a taste of elegant modern Boom Bap from charismatic rapper fresco.. Finally, providing the finest in left field UK Hip Hop is rising producer/rapper Henny Knightz. Each track provides an insight into each scene’s choice of emerging talents.”


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