Leon Rosen ‘Then Again’ : The sun will rise. Even if you decide not to see it. Will you decide?

Leon Rosen

“I danced on trouble’s grave…Though they all wanted me to save..”

From the darkest of being, rises with an effervescent in-vitro analysis. Humming to the tune of self, the world seems to rush by without a care in the world. Your world. Your existence. Where you seem stuck in a quick-sand of memories and non-consequence. A value-less, indignation – never appreciated; even by your standards of self-love.

“I make artsy pop. My life has been a wild ride of love passion and heartbreak. Life gave me lemons so I made songs to survive. Music that ties it all together. All the styles and genres. I’m always experimenting and dreaming.”

Dreaming is for certain, for Leon Rosen. And in ‘Then Again’ a deep and morosely wonderful tact for that exact feeling of inappreciativeness by the forces of nature, bubbles in every drop of the words chose. Dripping, solidifying – just like the wax from the used up candle, where light seems to wane with every second in dimension.

But ‘Then Again’ is invigorating as the light is definite. The sun will rise. Even if you decide not to see it.

Will you decide?

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