Lerocque ‘Hanging Out With The Cool Kids’ (Remix by Disquette•s) : “You are beautiful, as you are…”


Pedro Rodrigues originally from Portugal emigrated, in the 90s, with his parents to Switzerland. A cheerful, incurable optimist who always needed to tag any family photo with his middle finger.

And now, here we are, with songs that put that exact finger on the pulse of what gets those hearts beating and dancing. with this remix, that incubative vibes are thrust into another sub-layer of goodness and fun.

Said Lerocque: “You’re not constantly kissed by the sun and you’re being totally ignored by your crush? You’re in love with Dragon Ball & Pokémon and you regularly need to brush a tear away while watching Disney movies? You’re absolutely clumsy and only a shining hero in the virtual world? Cool, same here! And that’s OK. Or do you think that Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Ed Sheeran weren’t nerds? Well, at least until the part where everyone wanted to be like them. Why? Because they’ve accepted themselves and walked their own way undeviatingly. And where will your steps take you?”

Pedro’s a complex cat. And he needs you to listen to his deep and subtle words of love and challenges.

But that’s life. Let’s live it.

“You are beautiful, as you are…”


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