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LEROY FRANCIS’ New Upcoming EP ‘S.O.R.E. Drops May 18. Listen To ‘Intoxicated Dreams’.

Let’s take a ride around town. Let’s break this boredom and just feel the wind in our hair. Stick out your head out, into the evening’s warm climate. Don’t cry now, it’s alright. The world isn’t falling apart around you. Hold yourself up and demand retribution – from your soul, the downs, the lows, the highs never achieved. You’re normal. Take it to heart in Leroy Francis’ ‘Intoxicated Dreams’.

EP drops May 18.

Sydney based Leroy Francis is that kid in the corner. He’s that wallflower. He’s that restless human being whom left the world that he knew, behind and pressed re-start.

But it’s never a 100% re-start, is it?

From birth to death, we humans have an invisible and visible bag of experiences, thoughts, philosophies, actions and non-actions, which weigh down our mid-term souls. It would be great to cash in those layers of moments, but it’s hard. It would be great to be compensated in our hearts for the lost moments, the lost possibilities…the lost loves.

It’s a lost cause.

The only solution is to talk, write, and sing about the points of light we’d missed, regretted, and savored.

Francis’ debut EP ‘S.O.R.E’ is a six track pack filled with his forever war with insomnia, and his battles within, and without. His glorious presentation in lyric and notes, compromise none.

“Why do you do this to yourself?”

Why do you love me?

Don’t love me.

I’m a ball of disappointments and missed appointments.

“I love you.”

He’s rep’ed by World State Recordings.

Buy [HERE]



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