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Less Than Nine’s Single ‘Feels Like Home’. “I Can Never Go Back Now.”

It’s an odd feeling when you touch me.

Caressing with your heat, surrounding my skin.

Never the less, you bound me with your romance.

Arousing, peaking interest, with your eyes in azure.

You know you have an advantage over me, but I let it progress.

Your breath into mine, resting, reassuring, that this night might never end.

It’s an odd feeling of petulance and doubt.

I can never go back now.

At 0:51 seconds into the song, the dipping lick that you hear attracted us to this single ‘Feels Like Home’ by the duo from Bournemouth England LESS THAN NINE. Dynamics of listening to sound waves is a weird thing for animals like we humans. It shouldn’t evoke emotions, like they do. But songs are what we deem useful in expressing and communicating, things that we aren’t able to articulate. And at the 51 second mark, this close-to-pop single, ‘got us’. The resolute retraction of those particular lick, turned us around and it cemented the kind of indie-interest we always seek.

Add the fluid and empathetic vocals, this single is a fabulous innovation and injection to the world-wide pace.

Lauren Stubbs and Harris Worth make up this fun duo and after determining their musical goals in 2017, they dedicated themselves to spreading their love for the world of music.

With Harris’ experience as a producer and dance music events, he and his compatriot, Lauren, takes the best of pop, and add the ingredients of EDM and Dance, for a formulaic uniqueness, we think you can dig.

‘Feels Like Home’ is their first released single as a duo, with more to come.



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