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Less Than Shares ‘You’. Know Nothing Of The Band. But Will Wait For ‘You’.

There is nothing that can stop the duo (Tallon Coxe and Adam Brown) from achieving musical goals they set out for themselves. The multi-instrumentalists from Texas (USA) and Scotland, respectively, has gone ‘remote’ and started the collaboration since 2107. And now their fruits of their labor has launched with couple of singles that we think are worth your time and long distance efforts.

‘You’ is this hierarchical and mischievous sense of a song that is ideologically so very tantalizing to listen to. There aren’t peaks and valleys, but the main attraction is achieved by the vocals.

The idiosyncrasies and habits of the vocals make you ‘want to walk away’, but then you’re pulled back from the brink with the chorus.

Devious, we say.

We don’t know anything about the duo, to be frank. But at the moment, we’ll let it slide, for the single is more than good enough for us to wait patiently.

Yes. We’ll wait for more from them.


Kudos gang. Kudos.



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