Letter J ‘Surfer Girl’ : Alt-rock pop anthem is hooky, seminal, triumphant.

Letter J

Attitude. Confidence. What-ever. That’s the slick shoulders of Letter J’s vision for the oddities that occur in life. Like rain, those problems and challenges should be remembered, but shouldn’t hold you back.

“‘Surfer Girl’ is a beach-y pop song about love and sexuality,” said Letter J. “It’s extremely upbeat and combines a nostalgic beach vibe with modern pop and 90s rock. I wrote this about girls – those who believed I was inexperienced and a girl i fell in love with, but she could only play along for a short time.”

Love and the things that come with it – both the good and bad – are what that experience is all about. People not knowing you, pretending that they do, is a challenge that can be extinguished. Life with life problems, can be sorted out.

Letter J’s alt-rock pop anthem is hooky, seminal, triumphant, and really hits right here where it counts. It’s a call to arms for the most delicate of souls.

Fight on.

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Pop music 🥰

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