Letters From Readers ‘Wave’ : Driving down the boulevard of truth and falsities. The climbing ambience…

Letters from Readers

Letters From Readers’ single ‘Wave’: “speaks about appreciation and respect to the only person you love, while recreating moments of the past and ignoring the all the noise around you.”

Driving down the boulevard of truth and falsities, the climbing ambience of ‘Wave’, delights with industrial vexation and integration of IDM inquiries.

Letters From Readers the one-man-band project from Mexicali based Musician/Producer Gerardo Montoya.

The demons of insight, lay strewn on the bottom layer of nothing-ness and beyond. A troubled and truculent, envelopment of clarity, dulls the mind and nulls the senses.

Is this that time, once more?

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Piano on a blanket you say?

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