Lewin ‘Sorrow’ : A fleeting glimpse at bliss, now gone … accepts in the slice of life that was.


Beautiful story telling, invoked character and colors with equally gorgeous selection of words. That’s what Lewin’s single ‘Sorrow’ is and does.

A crest of befallen hearts, collide into a resounding dance of evocative resonance with this single. A professing dilation of passions, push and pull in the gates of what it’s like to be affected by the world. A world of you – your inside rationale for what this world says to you.

‘Sorrow’, the third single off Lewin’s upcoming debut album, is the most prophetic of all her tunes of goodbye. She wrote the songs while still in a relationship with her love, muse and producer Aaron Ahrends – but once all of them were recorded, they broke up.

Life. Complicated. At times.

A fleeting glimpse at bliss, now gone, and only a memory. Dealt with glances of collages, the protagonist accepts in the slice of life that was.

‘Lewin’ is the beautifully shimmering songwriter and musician, Jara Holdert (formerly known as ‘JARA’).

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@mp3hugger calls Sorrow “a piece that is full of beautiful woe. Much of that is achieved through the touching close mic vocals where every ounce of melancholy can be witnessed in full Technicolor. It quite reminds me of the Innocence Mission as a result, everything bleeds from that singing voice which could well be only thing we hear all day and it would be enough." ❤️And how is your Saturday so far? I’m recovering after an amazing concert with @thecoomusic last night, and so happy to see that @mp3hugger added Sorrow to their ‘The Long Soak’ playlist, exactly what I’ll be doing today in this London diner. #playlist #mp3hugger #thelongsoak #plays #soak #diner #newmusic #london #coffee #indie #folk

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