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Lewis Coleman Shares ‘Animal’. “That vibe within a vibe.”

Complex and mystifying, LEWIS COLMAN’s offerings are songs of the experimental kind, that simply gets to your bones. ‘Animal’ is a song that makes you shiver in encapsulated intervals. The small fragments of DNA, deliniate into columns of legions, crawling and sprawling, in the efforts to seek out that vibe…

That vibe within a vibe.

An intensity upon intensity.

That fire that burns and crackles with each note, of significance and vanity.

“I’m not entirely sure why,” Lewis said, “but I used my laptop microphone to record the acoustic guitar part. After reading an article called “Shitty is Pretty” by Gabriel Roth I was maybe feeling confident one could make any recording method work. I found it had this really roomy, intense quality to it and I feel like the other layers were just pulled out/inspired by that mood.”

The vocals are an ‘animal’. And with it, this ‘alien’ seduction, romantically seduces its surroundings, with multi-insrumental waves, to make a concert of sounds and images, through guitar and percussion. In that moment of joy, your heart smiles.

Lewis continued: “I remember thinking about it early on as a rolling dust ball, hot tempered and short lived,” Coleman says. “The lyrics were inspired by any kind of overbearing thought process or mood state taking hold, ballooning out over everything, built hastily and fragmented.”

This artist knows your buttons, and with his powers, we’re consumed. The embers glow in deep purple and orange, and we’re drawn.

Each layer of expression, amplifies the next.

Upon echoes, upon echoes – never ceasing.

Weeping in utter shutter.



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